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Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Every year you take your car for an MOT. You love your car, and your car will love you back.

All too often we forget to take the same care of our most prized assets, our most intimate relationships! We live in a culture where, if we are not careful, we invest more time and energy in our material assets than in the tender bonds with our beloveds.

Frank, the fly on the wall in our practice, heaves a huge sigh when he sees another couple entering our practice for the first time, after they have eventually realised that their delicate ‘bond’ is in serious risk of being permanently severed. Frank’s sigh is not one of despair, but of relief! Relief with a capital ‘R’, because Frank knows that relationship counselling actually works, and works well.

It is so easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of relating, and to take the other (the one that used to make our heart skip a beat!) for granted. At one of the continuum, we help couples who’ve realised that they have become abusive and / or neglectful to one another. At the other end we coach high-functioning and loving couples to deepen and nourish their love further, and to enrich the vitality that already exists between them.

Come along for an initial assessment and meet one of our extensively experienced couple therapists. Make Frank’s day, and your relationship work… for a life time!

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