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Dr Kasia Wilk

CPyschol; D.CounsPsych; M.Sc (Transpersonal Psychology); B.Sc (Biopsychology, Honours Degree)

BPS Chartered HCPC Reg. Psychologist (Counselling Psychology),
Consultant Psychotherapist, Doctoral Researcher.


I help people overcome limitations, break out of old patterning, and step into their highest potential. I am keenly passionate about supporting and empowering everyone to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life. I work pluralistically with children, young people and adults using multiple modalities of psychotherapy. Of Polish descent, I have spent most of my life living and working in Canada, but also have professional experiences working in Kenya and the UK. My diverse professional and cultural experiences include providing counselling and psychotherapy, coaching, social and life skills support, leadership and capacity development, and undertaking research in psychology and culture.
Having worked in the helping professions for over thirteen years my foundation lies in the pluralistic approach of tailoring therapy to meet the unique needs of every client. I therefore integrate different models of person-centred, cognitive behavioural, solution focused, compassion focused, cognitive analytic, or mindfulness based approaches depending on what is most effective and helpful. My core values include respecting individual diversity, establishing a collaborative therapeutic alliance, and offering a safe space for clients to share and work through their struggles in order to achieve their goals and live a meaningful, fulfilled life. I am able to work with clients in both English and Polish languages.

My work experiences in the UK include working within the NHS primary care system providing psychological services at Step 3 and Step 4 level of care for patients. I have also worked with international students at the University of Manchester Counselling Service where I have created a specialised service providing counselling, workshops, and individualised support meeting the unique adaptation challenges and needs of this at-risk client group. I continue to be very interested in understanding how diversity plays a role within human identity, interpersonal interactions, and collective group consciousness. My thesis research therefore explored this within university counselling service settings that support international students.
Before joining Oak Tree, I worked in the social services sector in Canada providing critical life skills and psychosocial support to adults with developmental and learning disabilities, FASD, autism, and other complex issues. I have also provided mentorship to troubled youth, and empowered communities in Kenya through psychological support, capacity development, and advocacy for adults and young people facing issues of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, unemployment, and poverty.
My professional training includes holding a Bachelor’s Honors degree in Biopsychology and a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology which have allowed me to understand the human psyche from both a scientific and more spiritual/holistic perspective. I have completed a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and hold Chartered status with the British Psychological Society, and registration with the Health & Care Professions Council. I have received professional training in leadership and capacity development, and I continue to undergo personal and professional development seminars on a regular basis.

I am keenly passionate about facilitating the process of developing a healthy relationship with ourselves, the foundation from which all things are possible. I would welcome the opportunity to support you on your journey towards transformation and help you achieve the goals that lead to big breakthroughs. As an ethical practitioner all of my clinical work is supervised, further enhancing the safety, effectiveness and quality of my practice.

Areas of interest and expertise:

Self-worth and self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship and interpersonal conflicts, building capacity and life skills, personal development, coping strategies, anger management, addictions, eating disorders, integration issues, bereavement, life coaching.

Research and publications:

Winter, L., Guo, F., Wilk, K., & Hanley, T. (2016). Difference and diversity in pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy. In M. Cooper & W. Dryden (Eds.), The Handbook of Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. (pp. 275-287). London: SAGE.

Hanley, T., Jordan, C., & Wilk, K. (2014). Planning your research: Design, method and sample. In A.Vossler & N. Moller (Eds.), The Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Handbook. (pp. 88-100). London: SAGE.

Wilk, K. (2014). Using a pluralistic approach in counselling psychology and psychotherapy practice with diverse clients: Explorations into cultural and religious responsiveness within a Western paradigm. Counselling Psychology Review, 29(1), pp.16-28.

Suedfeld, P., Wilk, K., & Cassel, L. (2009). Flying with strangers: Postmission reflections of multinational space crews. In D. Vakoch (Ed.), Psychology of Space Exploration. (pp. 143-176). Washington, DC: NASA History Series.



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